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Armoatherapy Wellbeing
by Johan Lorrain

100% organic, crafted in south of France

extract source from organic agriculture

low-pressure distillation, high-quality products 

True and complete French craftsmanship. 

The aromatherapist

Johan was born in France in 1983 and received a classical education in his country and abroad in the field of international trade . His attraction for so-called "preventive" and "integrative" medicines was manifested during his experience of Asian countries through China, Taiwan, Singapore and Okinawa from 2009 to 2020.

Holder of a Scientific Aromatherapist diploma from the Institut Provençal d'Aromatologie du Luberon in France (IPAL), he also holds a Certificate in the principles of Indian Ayurvedic medicine , and a Master's degree in international trade from the Rennes School of Business. (formerly Rennes Business School). He is also trained in the cellular oxygenation method “le bol d'air Jacquier” (

He was also interested in the importance of values ​​in our daily lives, in our decision-making process. In order to provide all his support in the accompaniment of his patients, he trained in Caycedian Sophrology at ESC Bayonne-Pau and has now been certified Sophrologist practitioner since 2022 . It offers exercises aimed at harmonizing consciousness through dynamic relaxation exercises inspired by existential phenomenology.

  • All of our organic essential oils and care oils are 100% natural and from organic farming. Designed in the south of France and more particularly in the Basque Country, we favor the supply of our raw materials locally.

  • Our organic essential oils as well as our care oils are of high artisanal quality. Our products are concocted with a gentle heat distillation technique for optimal extraction of aromatic molecules.

  • Our traditional know-how allows real effectiveness on your ailments . Whether you suffer from skin problems (acne or dry skin), insomnia, digestive difficulties or even great stress, natural essential oil is an effective and 100% natural remedy.

To regain your well-being, Aromatherapy Wellbeing offers you its organic essential oils and natural products.

Whether you suffer from chronic fatigue, respiratory weakness, stress, insomnia, loss of smell or eczema, you will find a wide range of our high quality organic essential oils.

Our products from gentle heat distillation are ethically produced in the south of France.

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