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Forbrain® is a revolutionary brain training device that empowers everyone to harness their voice to boost their brain.

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Discover Forbrain®

Forbrain is a pioneering brain training device that helps people of all ages and abilities improve their speech, attention, and memory. Thanks to years of auditory stimulation research, our patented technology enhances the natural process of the auditory feedback loop. Simply put, this is how speech is continuously modified based on what you hear.


Sound traveling through air conduction can be disturbed due to background noise or people might have issues with their air conduction. Forbrain favors bone conduction as it’s the most relevant way to hear yourself.  


Through bone conduction, Forbrain activate our abilities in auditory discrimination, phonological awareness, and the integration of rhythm. These skills are an innate part of human functioning and are necessary for all learning processes.

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The Unique Technology

High-sensitivity Microphone

Speak into the high-sensitivity microphone and it captures your voice’s sound waves, sending the information to the dynamic filter for processing.

Patented Dynamic Filter

To deliver your corrected voice, the patented filter continually amplifies high-frequency sounds and softens low frequencies while blocking environmental noise.

Bone Conduction Transducers

Sound is transmitted via the temporal bones. This bone conduction delivers auditory information to the brain 10x faster than air conduction (through the ear canals).

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