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Lori Johnson MS, CCC-SLP is the developer of the Textured Spoons and owner of Johnson Therapeutic, LLC. The concept of the Textured Spoons originated in 2003 as a result of working with children and adults with oral-motor and oral-sensory feeding issues.  The Textured Spoons were first offered in the small size and within a short time, feedback was provided by families and therapists requesting the need for a larger version of this spoon, which is now available as well.


Textured Spoon

Johnson Therapeutic’s Textured Spoon has won the Most Valuable Product from Therapy Times.

The Textured Spoon is certified to be Latex Free / Phthalate & Lead-Free and is made of FDA approved colors and materials.

Made in the USA Patent No Des. D523,299

Available in Large & Small size.

Tongue LiftR

The Tongue LifteR is a tool to be used by a speech-language pathologist to assist clients with correct tongue placement for accurate production of the /r/ sound.

Available in three colors – Green, Blue and Red


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