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Soundsory® is a Multi-Sensory, Home-Based Program.

It helps improve Motor and Cognitive abilities in Children and Adults.

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Discover Soundsory®

SOUNDSORY® uses a multi-sensory approach which combines sound with movement to stimulate the vestibular and auditory systems simultaneously. This integrated method provides a unique approach to sensory processing, emotional regulation and cognitive skill development.


Exercising sensory skills leads to stronger reflexes, hand-eye coordination, improved attention, awareness of the body in relation to space

Soundsory® stimulates the brain to build foundational skills like Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Vestibular and Proprioception

Building on sensory and developmental skills leads to better cognitive skills like academic learning, emotional regulation, social interactions, critical thinking etc.


The Multi-sensory Program

Somatic Movement

The SOUNDSORY® program helps to integrate correct primitive reflexes through a series of repeated exercises. These primitive reflexes are automatic movements directed from the brain and executed without cortical involvement. As primary infant reflexes fail to integrate, the range and severity of motor, communication, cognitive, emotional and behavioral issues correspondingly increase.

Some movements are dedicated to correct postural habits by increasing awareness of muscular tension.

Timing and Rhythm Control

Timing and rhythmicity are important functions that relate to a variety of cognitive and motor skills. The user is invited to repeat specific movements and progressively accelerate the rhythm of those movements once it is well integrated.

Balance and Spatial Judgement

Balance movement and spatial judgment closely relate to body awareness and coordination. From standing on one foot to moving with cadence, the user is asked to repeat simple and complex movements.


The Rhythmic Music Program

  • electronically processed using a patented dynamic filter system to create specific sound contrasts

  • the sound is transmitted using both air and bone conduction

  • efficient stimulation of both the auditory and vestibular system

The Body Movement Exercises

  • In 30 minutes a day for 40 days

  • incorporate the integration of primitive reflexes, developing body awareness, postural control as well as body coordination

  • powerful stimulation of the brain and triggers the self-organizing capacities of the nervous system

The Protocol

  • 40 day program

  • divided into two blocks of 20 days each

  • recommended 3 week break in between each 20 day sessions

  •  ach day consists of 30 minutes of music listening with an optional exercise program

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